Sunshine and Salt Water…

Remember that?       Well, even if it is winter, remember the ‘sunshine and salt water’ in your life, or whatever that might symbolize to you.   

Was it walking on the beach, sticking your toes in the water, or was it walking through the stacks at the libraries?  Was it walking up to the counter of an ice cream store that sells ninety-five varieties?  Or was it sitting at home with a huge pile of brand new books, even if they are ‘second-hand’ books?

Whatever it is that brings sunshine and salt water into your day, into your memory…go for it.   Be adventurous, no matter what the weather or the time of day or the time of the year, seek the sunshine… both literally and not literally…


Is it planting plants that bring beautiful tomatoes?

Or is it putting together a collage of your favorite colors…