It’s Still turkey time!


  Have you seen these turkeys in your neighborhood? 

Some enjoy seeing the turkeys around, while others like to watch them from a distance.    Please don’t pet the turkeys — they are wild animals.   You just never know what one turkey might do. 

Seems they like seeds but they don’t like citrus peels.     If you do not want to attract turkeys into your yard, there are safe, non-toxic ways to distract them from your yard.  

You can use rocks (instead of having a grass garden, choose a rock garden)

You can use citrus peels in your garden. Turkeys don’t seem to like citrus peels.  

Whichever your choice – be kind, be nice.      Drive slow .  Obey the speed limits.   

And use non-toxic repellents if you must use repellents.   There are lots of animals walking around out there.