Helpful Ideas & Pins

Remember Hydrangeas.      This picture, pink strange Hydrangea is one of the plants that I pulled out of the backyard garden to transport into the front yard.    One day I realized that all of our pretty flowers were in the backyard and nobody else gets to see them back there.   The back yard fence is six to eight feet high and you can’t see the flowers over the fences.   So, I got this light bulb idea to move the flowers and the plants.  

Yes, I thought they might die if I move them, and then I thought,  “hey, I moved many times in my life and I’m still alive; I’m pretty sure the Hydrangeas can survive this move.  The plants had been in the back yard for at least twenty or more years.   Hey, plants grow and then they move on. 

This is one of the Hydrangeas and yes, the plants survived, all of them.  i moved out about three or four living, growing Hydrangea plants from the backyard to the front yard.   

(Do not try this at home, smiles).  There is a certain method you use that helps them survive.  And I followed the instructions and thank you, God, they all made the trip and are doing just fine today.