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I wrote this entry about two years ago and just recently updating it , now.

I added the  GIF  there , the picture of the flowers and the bird tiles.   And now, the for article,   “Camping List for Seniors”

Camping List (for seniors and for differently-abled)

  • Use the container system but use smaller containers
  • Bring the GOPHER (that stick that allows you to pick things up
  • Bring plenty of batteries and bring a transistor radio
  • Flashlights are important when camping out – keep one or two around.
  • You can camp without a campfire .  (Use foods like peanut butter and bread and crackers and minute rice, and cheese, tuna and other snacks that don’t need immediate refrigeration. (Tuna doesn’t need refrigeration until after you open the can).
  • Get a tent that doesn’t have ‘tubes” . These other tents are easier to set up than the old-fashioned “thread the pole through the tube” kind of tents.   Do the research online and find one.
  • If you use a pop up tent, practice getting that tent back inside the storage bag BEFORE you go camping.  And, yes, once you read the directions and follow the directions, it is way easier to pack up.
  • Other camping essentials  –   wipes, paper towels, water, container system, non-perishable foods,  book, maps, gps, reservations (for the camping site), board games (for rainy days),  and preferably laptop and cellular phone (Hey what’s camping without those essentials)?
  • Debit card and or cash or both for unexpected, unforseen happenings and emergencies.
  • Good warm clothing in fall and in winter (and sometimes in summer -depending on where you are camping.
  • Tick repellent (most places needed) .
  • White sox, these are better to find ticks with . Hopefully you haven’t found any.
  • Watermelon . (Yes, that’s a camping essential; what camping books have you been reading?) .
  • Bandages, first aid kit, warm clothing.
  • Hiking staff or cane, frisbee (doubles as paper plate holder), notebook and pen, extra batteries.
  • Bring a relative or  friend along on that camping trip.

THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE, and unfinished.

Make your own camping list that is complete.




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