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This is Permitted… Really … You Can Read This One ..

So following along the lines of ‘censorship’ and along the lines of what we are allowed to say, there are things that we CAN say that we are permitted to speak about. 

And for you, here, is one of those entries that has approval by the powers that be (who are the powers that be?).      (You can fill in the dots with anything like  ‘democrats’ ,  ‘liberals’, or any other party that doesn’t allow free speech in newsletters and blogs and in journalism.

So, the acceptable writing here is all about flowers.   Smiles.  Yes, doesn’t everyone love flowers?

My favorites are carnations and also green dianthus , and roses that look like carnations (those are usually called, “George Burns Roses”).     And some of my other favorites are those beautiful  hydrangeas!    And I am thrilled that the three or four hydrangea plants that I uprooted from the back yard and doing just fine in the front yard now.   (They are only green plants now but in summer and spring, there will be beautiful purple, and pink and possibly even blue or white hydrangeas along with the mini roses and other flowers.

And in the plants department, I like the Giant Ear and the Sage and Lamb’s Ear is another term for the Giant Ear .  (And they look nothing at all like a giant ear lol ).

Of course there’s the ELEPHANT EARs and they might even resemble an elephant’s ear .. and some of them even look like they can be the  size of the Elephant’s Ear.

Your favorite plants?

And flowers?

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Recently Read an Article

Recently read an article about someone who got gazillions of medical tests and they found ‘nothing’.

Yes, I agree—  stress is usually the answer to most hidden medical or physical problems.

And I have more to say on that.

A note  — leaving it here rather than on someone else’s blog.

My thoughts. “Regarding your entry about your ‘stress”, it’s good to realize the seriousness that stress causes us but most people don’t realize it until after they have been tested up the wazoo and the doc finds ‘nothing’. And thank God for those good doctors who are willing to say that they didn’t find anything because there are still lots out there that will test you till you die from the testing or from false test results. I’m thinking possibly the ‘stress’ answer might have come sooner for you — sorry you have to experience all those tests. Accept the ‘nothing’. — Just a guess here but if you accept that there is nothing medically wrong AS your doctor said, you just might be on the road to a great, fabulous medicinal miracle by ridding yourself of stress the natural way. I saw your painting here — your walls and don’t know wether those are really your walls painted or just an example but I say , heck , if painting gives you stress relief and you have no headaches anymore, make your monthly prescription a set of paintbrushes and or paints. NOTE , smiles, this answer is for entertainment only, not for any professional or medical purposes. I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. I just happen to love how the creative arts, writing, painting, photographing, drawing, being musical, singing all seem to have a similar affect on a large part of our society. And the answers come straight from the Bible… it’s all in there. Peace ..
. artfromperry


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Think Summer!!

Remembering the flowers of summer

….. Most of them are not around yet, some hibernating as bulbs underground, others just hiding as woody plants..

This one flower stays all winter long. And it is still beautiful. All year long this beautiful whitw flower stands tall. I like the light color because it brings a natural light into the garden at night, after dark.

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Today is Your Day!

In more ways than one, today is my most important day. The way that I know that is because the Bible tells me so. In so many pages of my Bible, GOD SPECIFICALLY instructs us to value the moment, the today in our lives. The instructions say to not worry, but, instead to pray.

You cannot worry and pray at the same time so if yiu are worrying now in your today, it means you are forgetting to pray—‘ instead of worrying.

Don’t worry, be hapoy because you have been given the ultimately valuable and beautiful gift of prayer.


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Pulitzer-PrizeWinning Krauthammer …

There you go, a neutral source for your questions and answers .

Earlier, I found this video on another site.   And this guy is real, and equal and fair.  In other words, this guy is a legit journalist.    (RIP Charles Krauthammer) .
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Bullies? Understanding Bullies?

Na, not in this life.    Let’s ‘understand’ the targets (of bullies) first!

A note on the topic of bullies and understanding them:

“It is sad to see that so many articles are favoring the bullies by first seeking to find out their reason for bullying. Society needs to come to the plate and really first handle the important task of making the  target of the bully feel safe, protected and heard.

Our society has too much emphasis on making bullies feel “heard” .


Let’s listen to the targets, the victims , first and  let the officials, the Deans,  the authorities  or police handle the bullies.  Most seem to forget that most targets are bullied for months or even years before the bullying comes to light . So in a case like that, the target, the victim, the target of the bully really needs to be separated from the bully and the authorities or teachers or those in control of the education systems should take their heads out of the sand and put it on hold a bit as they continue to try to “understand” the bully. I get it that yes, eventually you need to understand the why of it, but not first before putting a space, a distance between the bully and the bully’s target. The school and the officials get it right as they first begin to understand the “target” of the bully rather than trying first to understand the “bully” . There are thousands of people that have had tough lives and yet they don’t resort to bullying. So, as a society, it is not correct to assume that ‘bullies” have a ‘reason’ for bullying. There’s no reason and there are no excuses. This is just another opinion, from a different point of view” . – artfromperry .justbreathe15

In and throughout our school systems and centers there is a theme going on and around. It appears that (some) think that the solution is to understand the bully.

Imagine if you went to court with a murderer — and the victim’s family there — ,  do you think that trying to “understand” the murderer helps the victims or the targets of the murderer?

Somebody needs to come up with  better ideas on handling school and center problems.

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Afternoon Turkeys!

I’d been there a number of times before but, before this I had never, ever seen turkeys there. 

For the most part, I took one of my granddaughters on the road trip to distant place to see the wildlife that lived in the area.    There ere cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers ,chickadees, sparrows, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of other animals in the place, in that space.   After about four or five trips there, seeing all the same wildlife, one day I decided to stay later.  This is the first time that e stayed after 4 PM.   Then late in the afternoon, there they ere.    Seven turkeys trotting out of the woods.

Here’s one.    (See picture)

You can go to the same place ten times and still see something different on the eleventh time you go there.  That’s all I’m saying.


You can stand there with your hand out.  Bring “black oil sunflower seeds”.   The birds and other animals eat out of your hand.     Don’t leave seeds on the ground and wait until all seeds are consumed.    If you leave food or seeds on the ground, you are inviting or feeding mice or other vermin that are not your beautiful birds.  Just saying.

Enjoy your stay at the wildlife sanctuary.    It is fun, educational and a wonderfully, calming experience.

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That’s All I have to say for Now..

20180827_104531~2-1930035226..jpgThis is one of my UNFINISHED collage/painting/photography works  … yes, still not finished.   I began this one about two years ago, and I’m just not got back around to finishing it.  Yes. the paint tube is part of the picture (and part of my tools for this art piece).      artfromperry


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Peace is the Only Answer ..

Seriously, put all politics aside for at least one day a week , and fashion, for yourself  a peaceful place that is filled with laughter, clean jokes, and some peaceful ideas, actions, goals and plans.

All I’m saying is that politics is interesting but balance is the true answer when it comes to finding solutions for anything and everything.

You must have balance, a little of this and a little of that.     Never become overly obsessed with any one thing  …without adding balance, and peace and joy and creative things into the mix.


I   love this song….  so cool



write a song, read a book, create some art.   write a story.


Listen to some good music.


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C R O w D E R … IS…. L o u d e r …

This Crowder guy is an interesting person.      One thing that he does is to expose the total ‘anti-Christian’  literature that is at the feminist festival.        I’ve never seen anything like that; and it’s horribly disgusting and irreverent to Jesus Christ.   Yet, did mainstream media expose this anywhere?    No.

Crowder got louder; he is the one of the journalists or bloggers that has exposed the anti-Christian feminists (NOT all feminists are anti-Christian).

Check out this link to his video  — he goes into the feminist festival.. 





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The Caravan …

Just looking through this video I’m not seeing many children or women, except for some of the organizers.   Check out the video that has inside the operation information.  

A very informative expose of what’s happening INSIDE of the caravan ….   inside circle…


It is interesting.   what’s your take on this  ?

Inside the Caravan . 2018


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Go For It! Be Creative!



One of the best ways to break in the new  year is to be creative.    Paint, photograph, collage,    write, compose,  … create in your most comfortable way.   About a year ago or more I did this one piece above,   real glove, paper cutout and photograph…  I just like the idea, like the thought and like the , yes, unfinished product.

Peace ..




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The Risk…


this is the Oak Tree


I don’t post political much here at this site ,  but sometimes do that at the  t      w  i   t  t   er   site .

Yes, I don’t mention politics.   But you know if you are a civil human being , all persons can get along –no matter where or how they vote.  So I’ll take the risk here of sharing my  site over there.. 

I am not political.  Yet I do follow politics sometimes.



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Just the Pretty Snaps…


Some of the small things that I do enjoy is looking out windows to see the beautiful sky, other small things are simple things like praying and then other things like Watching a good tv show .   I like going out with my kids and grandkids .  And I love going to creative workshops and taking pictures .  And I like driving to new adventures and I like watching good movies.  And I love creating art.  And I like going out with good friends.

The small things are important in life.   Take care of them and visit them often.

artfromperry copyrighted.jpegARTFROMPERRY2018-03-18 at 10.12.32 AMartfromperry copyrighted.jpeg


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“Pinhole” — Go Do This!

These are my ‘modern’  pinhole style photographs that I took that day that I attended the course in New York City,  New York,  United States of America..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, every single year, there’s a community organization that celebrates “National Pinhole Camera”  Day.     Small details:    They charge you about five dollars and you pre-register for the class.    (There’s a picture of some of the class in this slide show — participants all ages, child to adult but children must have an adult present).    So in this class, they supply all the materials to make your first pinhole camera.   That’s one entire class on one day.     Then on another day, you go back to the place to use the camera to take pictures.    It’s all very interesting.

My Story:

Yes, I took the first class and I paid my five dollars.  And, indeed, I did  create my  Pinhole Camera with their supplies.    And, as life would have it, something came up and I didn’t go back to the second class (which is totally outdoors- the first class i s indoors).


This is a personal story of my experience on that day, in my city.      And hoping you share your experience.    Or were you right here in our city that day ?


continued, please scroll


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Enjoy the Small Things

One of my unfinished wood projects 2018.

This has a specific purpose. Do you know what this piece is used for?

Some of the small things that I do enjoy is looking out WindoWs to see the beautiful sky, other small things are simple things like praying and then other things like Watching a good tv show .   I like going out with my kids and grandkids .  And I love going to creative workshops and taking pictures .  And I like driving to new adventures and I like watching good movies.  And I love creating art.  And I like going out with good friends.

The small things are important in life.   Take care of them and visit them often.

artfromperry copyrighted.jpegARTFROMPERRY2018-03-18 at 10.12.32 AMartfromperry copyrighted.jpeg


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Lemon Flowers 2018

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.35.57 AMThis is one of our first lemon flowers from last year.   This one developed into a small, green lemon.   And later that small green lemon turned yellow.    Right after that somebody (a animal) knocked the lemon off the tree and it stayed on the ground for a while     No more lemons , so far.

The lemon tree plants are still alive and seem to be doing good.     There are no more flowers and no more lemons, yet.


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Very Merry Christmas …

For Christmas, I received 2 special gifts from family..And some cool special gifts from neighbors and friends and friend-neighbors and neighbor- friends!     These were totally unexpected …..THANK YOU everyone…….

… them..

A cool way to check ancestry…. a family history present….

..and a season of Mrs Bucket ( pronounced Bouqet) …..

This is too cool!!

Ilooked into the ancestry site and its really fun.

Wow… Who knew?   — they say that on the commercial……

I am IRISH …..


I watched about 8 episodes already of Mrs Bucket

Pictures later this coming year   2019 ..




ARTFROMPERRY2018-03-18 at 10.09.21 AM

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My Grandparents’ Television….

Picture by artfromperry

On top of my grandparents’ television set, there was this little donkey that had a cart behind him. If you saw tge tv, you saw the donkey.

I never knew why the donkey sat there on top of the tv, but after the thought, I realized that the only real reason for the donkey is the memory of the donkey in the Bible


Now, this donkey in the picture sits at the side of an old church in the USA. I took this picture in OCT/Nov 2018.

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See the USA, in your Chevrolet!

Or, in any other car or even by train.   Traveling in the USA is lots of fun when you take the train or the bus or the bike.     My travel has amounted to around these kinds of trips (probably left some out here):

By Amtrak    (and some also with extra added sections by the bus)

South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington, DC,      Been to Washington, DC, three times, all three times by Amtrak, twice with family members (different family both times)   , and once solo.

By Car

New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, New Hampshire, Tennesee, Indiana.      And yes, I found up in Michigan purely by accident!


Slide029    Ice cream trip with  some of my kids and grandkids.    And then another day with my Cousin Sue.     I’ve been to Point Pleasant many times, it’s just a nice place by the water and has one of the best ice cream shops there .    If the back door is open, don’t by the ice cream lol.


By Car

One trip outside of the United States of America,     Montreal, Canada .

Oh, by the way, that Chevy in the picture is not mine.  However  I did take one of those trips using a Chevy, and that was the first and only trip that I made to Montreal, Canada .

For me, traveling by bus or train or by car allows you to see more of your trip and that’s what I love about that kind of travel.



And I love getting into the cities while traveling which is easy to do by car but not so easy to do by plane.

Cities or Towns,  been to:

New York –  Long Island, Farmingdale, Sayville, Sag Harbor,  Hamptons, Hicksville,  Long Beach,  Rockville Center, Hempstead, and some others.

New Jersey –   Jersey City, Bayonne, Edison, Lakewood, Fairfield, Manalapan, Linden,

And other cities throughout the USA



Albany, Syracuse, Smith Point, Breezy Point, Newtown, Ephrata, Landis, Cherry Hill, Westford, Valley Stream, Lima, Cleveland, Toledo, Kalida, Ann Arbor, Brooklyn, Bronx,  Manhattan, Queens,

And in my travels, I’ve been to a number of forests, and state parks, and a couple of historic sites.      Surprisingly, I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty, nor to Ellis Island, yet.      I’ve heard about the statue and I’ve decided to cross that one off my list.   And possibly, Ellis Island might be a future trip in a few years from now.

The Answer:

I have no reason to travel any further outside of the USA since I have not yet seen the entire United States of America.    So,  I have no overseas trips planned at all, ever.

See the USA … in your Chevrolet ..or in any car, bus or train for that matter.


Where have you been and how is that trip?

Your favorite spot?

I have a million favorite spots on the USA map, these are just some of the pictures that I took around the USA

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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The Winner is GPS!

Yes, there are many roads like this one in the city that I visited the day that I went to do the interview.   And thanks to God’s guidance and the help of an ordinary GPS system, I managed to make it there and back in a pretty reasonable amount of time.   Considering I don’t have much of a sense of direction, yes, the road trip was great!    On many of the roads there, there were no street names.    And so I admit, I had to turn back and re-road it for certain sections of the trip.    However, all in all, the experience was more than interesting  and well worth going on.   Adventure a success!


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Gardens are some of my Favorites!

In everyone’s life, there is winter, summer, fall and spring. Every season will enter into your life. So, when you live it, never think that this is ‘it’.
As Gilda Radnor would say, “There’s always something” . And that something is another season in your life, another winter, summer, spring or fall. And
we have a great God that permits us to have more ‘better’ weather than bad weather, and this is the great blessing of life.

If you are freezing right now, have no fear, for the weather wheel will turn, eventually, and soon, summer will arrive and you can have gorgeous plants and
elegant flowers decorating your gardens, inch by inch. I looked out the other day and I saw the twigs and sticks that used to be wonderfully, cute little lilac
branches and leaves. And even then, seeing the twigs, I know that the lilac is still in there, pushing towards spring and summer. And the Hydrangeas, pink,
purple, blue and lavender are in there, pushing towards the invincible summer of this magnificent “looks like a truck hit it” garden.

Aren’t gardens wonderful?


Gardens ARE wonderful!

Peace on your journey.

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Try these… Camping in the USA…

Some of the places to camp out in the USA that are safe, and or civilized are the campsites at Hither Hills State Park.   You need to reserve at least nine months in advance for these camping spaces.  Yes, they are beautiful!  You can camp out less than 20 feet from the ocean, and there are tables, concrete pads under the picnic tables, a camp store that has everything you need, a tiny playground, outdoor showers and the store even sells some clothing.      

There’s Hecksher State Park at the end of Long Island there and that’s okay .  Specialty here?   If you want to see deer, this is the place.   Hecksher is nicknamed the “home of the white-tailed deer’.    MOSQUITOES!    Don’t even think of camping out here unless you bring the spray or wipe-on insect repellent.   My first trip there, within minutes, I had bites all over both arms.  

Once in a  while, hardly ever lol, you can set up a day-tent in some of the other parks that do not have camping.    But check with the park people first. 

I’ve camped out in Pennsylvania state parks — love those for the wilderness-type camping.   And yes, watch out for bears.     If you go there, check in with the camp hostess and they ill give you the latest news on if there are bears around or not .

YES! wear something ORANGE!   In some Pennsylvania state parks they permit hunting, and you don’t want to be mistaken for a bear or whatever.        

The feature-picture was taken either at Captree State Park or at Hither Hills State Park. 

Fishing?    Captree is the place.    You can also fish at  the beach (check regulations) wildood State Park in Long Island, New York, USA. 



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The Tents ….

Probably the most important thing you can bring with you on your trip is the tent, the type of tent that you choose.     

For me, I love basics.    And basics doesn’t mean a lot of money but it means having patience and waiting until ‘off season’ to get that tent.    One of my most favorite tents that I did get was one that I purchased ‘by accident’.        In the store, it just happened to be there and it was  “off season’ ,and there  was this tent that as  reduced — half-price!    Of course, at the time that said, “buy me, buy me” , because I was really short of money and I needed a good tent that would  last forever.     

The type of camping that I as doing at the time   was  during the  week camping at either state parks or once in a while at a private campgrounds.   (I like the state parks better but there’s always a good reason when  you need a private campgrounds.          Most of the time it as  in fall, spring or summer.

So, I picked up that  “Tetragon 9”  , a Eureka tent, and I loved that tent.    It   was just perfect for my purposes.    It had a six-foot high ceiling so I loved that I was able to stand up in it.   That just makes things easier.  And it had 2  windows.   And for a family-size tent it really wasn’t heavy.    Yes, I’d say you need a car, not a bike for this one.    The windows had plastic, soft plastic coverings for the rain and cold weather — the coverings were on the fly, I think.    And the door was a decent size.    I probably picked up this tent for under eighty dollars at the time.  

And I used it for a seriously long time during some fab camping trips around the east side of the country (USA).      I loved that I could put up this tent, myself, in less than five or ten minutes.   Yes, it’s a one-person set up tent but has room for enough people inside, roomy enough!

My second-favorite ‘non-professional’ tent is the seventy-dollar-pop-up tent.  That also had about a six-foot ceiling (I see a pattern here lol).    You popped this tent out of the huge, flat circular bag and there it was completely put together and ready to go.   Folding it or stuffing it back into the bag –that was a whole other story.     Here’s the thing, if you are a person who doesn’t read directions, you’ll fight with this tent for quite some time before you get smart and take the directions out!    Yes, it ould seem simple enough to get a piece of material back into a flat bag but seriously, there’s a way that you do it and then there’s the other way – which can take you months.     Once I read the instructions it was okay, that was easier! 


Really, I can not tell you which tent this one is.    I set this one up a couple of years ago, and used it a bit.   I can see that it is not the pop-up tent.   (The pop-up tent has a different-looking top.     And it’s probably not the Tetragon  9  either).     what’s your favorite tent and why   

The picture that is the ‘featured’ picture is the all-around, non-professional small tent that I purchased off-season in Target for about 12 dollars.   This has its’ purpose is worth  the 12 bucks.     This is a nice solo-tent that is roomy but it is not featured or sold as a solo-tent.  This is a great kids’ tent.  And it also serves as a great ‘extra-tent’.   You can use this for your minor equipment or even as a ‘changing  tent’  .   It is not waterproof but it serves a purpose.   And I used this at a family reunion also, just to give the kids a place to play.    Non-campers got the experience of being in a tent, for the day in a safe space.

Probably, as pictured there, the yellow and black tent, I used it as a solo-tent on a one or 2 day camping trip, during summer or fall .


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The Flowers Always Come Back


These are from our garden. ..

There was a time in my life when I never dreamed that I could ever have a garden, ever. There was no time, no money, no place, no nothing, no possibility to have any type of a garden and even indoors, all my plants were constantly dying,  flowers and plants just couldn’t make it in our environment at the time, over decades.     Yet, today,  we have a garden, where plants live and flourish.    Right now, in the dead of winter, the garden looks as if a truck ran through it and there are no living flowers in there.

However, under all that dirt, under all those leaves, there is life.  And the plants and the flowers will pop up in spring and in summer.



Keep on moving forward, reaching towards your goals.

Keep on keeping on.

Remember the strength of the garden.

Whatever you are going through right now, that’s only winter.   And if you’ve been going through it for a long time, that’s only a hurricane…   If you remain strong, pray, and reach towards your goals, you, too, will survive the hurricane…and all of its’ devastation.





Feet going forward.

Keep on keeping on.

This is for my kids, and my grandkids, and for everyone, just in case someone  is looking at winter’s devastation through dark glasses.   It will be okay.   It will be okay!

That’s a promise.

That’s a promise.

koko …

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Good Memory….Keep it Forward …12/2018

Remember, you are not in this alone.      Yes, you are a person, a human, but you don’t have to live life as if you are alone.     There’s always  more than one person with you  —  even if you don’t realize it.      The Person who was there for you the very moment you were born,  wait, even before you were born.  The beautiful God who created you with  a specific purpose in mind….    and then there’s me and your other friends.     

Even there, even today, you have many people who love you and care about you.   Yes, I get it that lots of people, around this time of year, especially, don’t appear to have time and everyone is rushing around trying to beat the clock.  But even so, there are so many people who love you and care about you.

So pause.

Just pause.    Stop all the hurried stuff just for a few moments and remember what you’ve already been through, what you’ve already accomplished and try to envision your upcoming future — which will be — if you just have more patience— that’s ahead of you.   You don’t see it now.  You might not feel it now, but guaranteed it’s there and it’s going to be way better for you ….. yes it will!   So keep on keeping on….

Smile, it’ll be okay.

Smile, your best time is here ahead of you.

Smile …and feel the smile.  That’s the smile of you knowing, remembering that the future will be fulfilling your dreams, getting to your goals ..slowly but surely.
Just keep on keeping on.


Really, I’m not joking!


I’ve been through some pretty horrible times, sometimes even pretty horrible decades… but then, just because I believed, just because I keep on keeping on..and keep on putting one foot forward towards my goals, and I keep on praying… with the help of the God of peace, I’ve been able to say that He has answered  my prayers…yes, in His time but He has indeed answered my prayers.

And that’s all you need is a God  Who hears you and Who does answer prayers.

The key is to believe , believe today and believe every day.

And keep on keeping on..

Peace for your journey

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and very happy Holy Days.







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San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and Adventures

If I ever am going to go off the mainland of the USA, it probably would be to San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. 

I’ve never been there, though I’ve been invited there many times.     Some of my grandkids have gone there for the summer, or to visit for smaller visits.  And the adventures that I heard of were wonderful.  And the pictures are beautiful!



Yet, most likely, I will not see that in person.     I’m one of those who uses walking, biking, training, or busing when it comes to adventures.   And so many times, I have used the car on adventures.  Been to South Carolina by bus, and North Carolina by train (from South Carolina), and to DC by Amtrak, and to other states by automobile.   Yes, I love boats.  I’ve taken the “C-Line” around Manhattan, and the Ferry from Brooklyn, to Manhattan, NYS, USA.   And yes, I’ve  been in a kayak, been on a paddleboat, and even been in a rowboat.

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A Night in the Forest….

Decades ago,   –  


 Notes on  “solo night in the forest”  

A bunch of us (about eleven of us) hiked into the forest in  North Carolina,  

This was teamwork.    Some lead through the trail; others followed.   And then we changed places.    Hiked, walked, stopped, prepared tents, and some joined into the ‘ropes course’.   Others hiked up the mountain, (‘rock scaling’ )  I called it mountain climbing since I’d never done  things like this.    And then, solo night… 

Solo night in the forest …    So there’s this branch and I hung my jacket and some things on the branch.    Yes,  I knew  how to build my tent from scratch — with the tarps, string, stones and things but on solo night – this was my choice.    I had waited all week just to be able to  ‘sleep under the stars’.     The weather was good, a little chilly but still good.     Before this, I had never had the opportunity to sleep under the stars with nothing above my head… and  then,  ahh,  anticipation for solo night on the forest trip.  

Pisgah Forrest Asheville, North Carolina November 2000
in the FOREST artfromperry
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Of course, you and I probably think of something different when the word, “adventure” pops into our vocabulary.     Sometimes an adventure can be something daring and other times an adventure can be something like a wandering trip through six or seven states in a week…and yet other times, an adventure can mean just looking at a hundred butterflies on a flowering bush.

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Cherish the Baby …


Besides seeing a man in a block of ice (one of my other entries), another thing that you can and do find throughout our magnificent state is the heart of the city,  the real ‘heart’.       I’m not talking about the malls, or the skyscrapers and I am not talking about the monuments or the museums, but the true heart of our city which always remains in the heart of our people.

This little baby nightgown is hanging in one of our churches.    And right near that gown, right there is a cradle.     (Though I took this picture a while back, I’m guessing the clothing is still there, and the cradle is still there).

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Trying, again….

Lemon Tree Flower 2018

This is last year’s lemon flower.  This is the first flower that appeared on our lemon tree plant.    And it is beautiful.  It grew into a very cool lemon that came up green.  Yes, lemons  come up green and then later they turn yellow.

The green lemon turned yellow and it reached only about the size of half of a dime.

Still, it is the coolest.


Still growing, the lemon plant looks great.    But trying again to get a lemon from this tree plant.

Meyer lemons are the best !

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Humans on Ice ….Manhattan Style


Really?    In a block of ice?  Really?

Yes, really.

In Manhattan, in  New York,  in the

United States of America,  there in the midst of it all, is this guy who decided to make the headlines by encasing himself in a huge, block of ice.

Picture follows …


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How to Heal…

P1120099There are so many ways to heal a spirit, a human being,  some more effective than others.    Nobody can tell anyone else what to do, however,  there are ideas, helpful hints, suggestions,  creative ways to adjust one’s moments or days to something more beautiful .   These are some ways, some ways to begin healing, to begin climbing out of the past ditch and to begin bringing yourself into your most   beautiful, creative and positive present moment.    Your suggestions and ideas can only add to this entry and so, look for the place to post a comment or two. 

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Helping Your Short-Term Memory

My brain holds just so much, same way as a computer holds just so much.    Since the car accident, my brain tends to hold less than it used to hold.     And so, I use some tools to help me along the way.   Today, I’m sharing some tools that help(ed) me.  If you are interested in learning, continue reading.    If you are interested in sharing ideas, kindly leave a note.    So, probably one of the tools that I use most is

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Part Three * The Innocent Turpins .. Holidays

Where was God in those harsh, hard, and almost unbearable moments of time? 

Right there.

Yes, I’ll repeat that.   The God of peace was right there.   He was right there in every single moment.   And yet, you say, well, how is that possible?  How can a real God , a  God of Peace really be right there and allow that to happen to all of those beautiful children?  Yea, right.

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Beginner’s Veggie Garden…

Yes, you can plant tomatoes.  And yes, you can have cute little tomato plants, even in cold weather , even indoors. 

Try this:

Take a planter full of dirt or a mug of dirt.   Take your tomato – after you cut it in half.  You can eat half of the tomato and take the other half and plant it in the dirt.   Give it lots of light, sun, and some water  and great drainage.



(Place a coffee filter in the bottom of the planter to cover the hole in the planter.   The coffee filter will prevent all the dirt from washing out of the planter hole when you  water the dirt).

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Helpful Hints Page * Camping Out

For camping ….

Choosing a tent?

  • Choose one with a 6 foot high ceiling.   You can do it.  Just look around and you’ll find one.   There’s a pop-up tent that has a 6 foot ceiling, and that’s pretty cool.
  • Use the container system inside the tent.   That helps with packing after your camping trip is over.    Everything inside the tent goes into a container, instead of having all little things scattered around the tent.    If you’ve brought a lot of things with you, use the plastic bins.
  • Bring a go-pher .  That’s the stick to pick things up, a gripper stick.   This can help you reach high places in the trees if you are hanging food out of reach of the bears.
  • Camp in  bear-free places  , smiles.
  • Keep ALL food out of the tent if you are camping in the wilderness or in Pennsylvania or real country places.     Raccoons definitely do invade your tent if you keep food anywhere near there.
  • Keep all food out of the tent.   That’s worth repeating.
  • Plan — for rain , if you are camping with kids.    (Camp in a civilized area that ‘s not too far from a shopping mall) .  This is helpful in big, unpredicted storms.  Or you can just pack up and go home  if necessary.
  • Bring a good flashlight  – at least 300 lumens or even better yet 450 lumens.
  • Expect it to get colder – and pack for that.  Plan for everything and you are good to go.
  • Bring  allergy pills if you are allergic to the trees, flowers or plants.
  • Carry purification tablets for the wilderness  trips.
  • Don’t camp out in the wilderness  unless you are experienced or unless you have done the proper research . (This entry is only helpful hints — you’ll need much more information than this.   This entry is just meant as a reminder — for camping trips, not as any expert information.  It’s all fun).

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The Recipe..

From the book, COMFORT FOODS, I tried just one recipe.  I forgot what the official title of the recipe was but basically it was for the “perfect rice”. 

Being a great rice lover, this recipe attracted my attention.       I looked it and and thought, “how hard can this be, making rice from a recipe”?     Smiles ,  yes, I’ve cooked rice before this.  I’ve made soggy rice, and sticky rice, and undercooked rice and yes, even over-cooked rice.    And yet, this is a new one – perfect rice.

I tried the recipe.  (I followed instructions – a first)  .  And wow.  Yes this was the perfect rice.

Pictures some other time.

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Part Two * To The Innocent Turpins …

Turpin Holidays….

Ahh, once the heroine escaped and got help for the rest of the family, slowly, very slowly, probably almost microscopically slowly, things began to change for the better.     Why slowly?  The average person might think  that the change was instant.    After all, being taken, escaping, getting away from the absurd-abusers, must give one instant change right?  Yes, the change was instant.       Their living quarters, arrangements changed, the food that they were offered changed, and lots of other things changed —

    ..though, not all changes would be considered ‘for the better’ to the  still-captive Turpin kids.     After all, weren’t they still prisoners?  Yes.

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Good Words To Remember……


Truth, these are good words to remember.    And, of course, during these holiday and Holy Day seasons, these are excellent words to remember.    Over the years,  our family has been blessed with human angels in our lives.  And this year is no different.

“No act of kindness is ever wasted” – Aesop. 

If I was to change this saying, and of course, I will change it.     I  will say it this way,

“Every single act of kindness is always, sincerely, appreciated”  –  artfromperry

Thank you, so very much!

Happy Holidays,  Very Merry Christmas and Peace throughout  your brand new upcoming year.      Peace. 20171030_153811_film1~2849613875..jpg

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I.T.P. Can you guess?

Photography is my chosen hobby.      Decades ago, I got seriously interested in taking pictures because my Dad gave a Polaroid camera to me.   I was about nine or ten years old and I loved that camera.    To this day, I still have some of the first pictures that I took with that camera (that’s for another entry).

Meanwhile, today I’ll share some other pictures. Here’s one.


Description of the picture above?     I took that picture inside a beautiful, old theatre in Pennsylvania, USA.       This was a sculpture that was hanging on one of the walls inside the theatre.     The whole place had been restored and it looked as it looked decades before.   The picture below is another that I took inside the theatre.   Just as I was coming out of the theatre, I saw all these beautiful  mirrors and I couldn’t resist taking this picture.   This is one in a huge series of old movie theatre pictures.  It was probably about four years ago, or so that I took these photographs.

Inside the Roxy 2014

I’m going to post a few more photographs in another entry.   Come with me, on a journey through part of my life.    You might have been to some of these places , or you might not have come there.  Either way, enjoy the photographs.

More photos of different places inside the United States of America will be posted shortly, this week or next week.


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Can You Move An Ancient?

flowers4 artfromperry1347375689..jpg

Can you move an old plant, one that was living in one place for ten or more years, to a different place — and still have it survive?

Yes, you can do that, as long as you do it the right way.    I’m not sure what the right way is but I’ll share with you how I did this to three separate Hydrangea plants.   About more than one year ago, I began by cutting a piece off the plant to see if the piece might live.    That was successful.   I took a cutting of the plant (just in case the main plant died off in the move).   And I planted that cutting in the front yard.

Happy with that, I decided to move the whole plant.     With each plant, I followed the same procedure.

  1. I dug this huge hole  (way bigger than it needed to be).
  2. I made sure that all the roots (of other plants and trees) were cut and removed from the hole.
  3. And, I pre-filled the hole with water, a few times.    I let the water soak in and when the hole was empty, I filled the hole with water again.   Probably about three times later and finally the water stayed in the hole.
  4. And it was in this water-filled hole , that I transplanted a Hydrangea.
  5. I repeated that three more times and when I was finished, I had three separate Hydrangea plants now in the other garden (all transplanted from the backyard garden).

If you are planning on doing this go watch some videos at youtube (I didn’t do that) and do some research on replanting and moving Hydrangeas.

Oh, and I prayed.  Yes, I prayed for the successful replant of my plants and I prayed for God’s will.

Theses plants are beautiful, and now they are were more people can see them, and smile.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 9.05.24 AM

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1 Of The Most Important Videos You’ll View

…as a parent, or as a school teacher, or as a doctor.

This video and , the information inside the video, is one of the most important things that you can view in this century.    If you have children or watch children or teach children or counsel children , please, you need to see this one.

Watch the video right here or click on you tube site

the truth video, yes the TRUTH

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The Kabib Wrestling Fight

Students, Teens,  and yes, adults this is a good video to watch , a video about wrestling in and out of the ring…

The Wrestlers fight the real world ..

Kabib fight in Wrestling

Oh, and if you are being bullied, please  get  THE RING  security camera or ring security system—- which is one of the best security cameras you can have for your place, home, apartment or even in business.

VARIOUS RING BOXES opened and demonstrated

OFFICIAL RING VIDEO from the company


click here to see the video of the RING CAMERA

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Sunshine and Salt Water…

Remember that?       Well, even if it is winter, remember the ‘sunshine and salt water’ in your life, or whatever that might symbolize to you.   

Was it walking on the beach, sticking your toes in the water, or was it walking through the stacks at the libraries?  Was it walking up to the counter of an ice cream store that sells ninety-five varieties?  Or was it sitting at home with a huge pile of brand new books, even if they are ‘second-hand’ books?

Whatever it is that brings sunshine and salt water into your day, into your memory…go for it.   Be adventurous, no matter what the weather or the time of day or the time of the year, seek the sunshine… both literally and not literally…


Is it planting plants that bring beautiful tomatoes?

Or is it putting together a collage of your favorite colors…



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Okay here’s the link .   Very good information about the RING security system.

Please, before you click on this link, leave a comment here.    Thinking my blog has been invisible for a while and I believe the glitch has finally been fixed.  Can you see this blog ?  Please comment below and then check out this RING article – written by someone else (not me).

This is GOOD! About the Ring

Send more information in the form of articles or entries.    This is greatly appreciated.

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Are you tempted to get caught up in the  (most) unnatural occupation of the holidays?  Are you tempted to join in the commercialism of the holidays and totally forget the real meaning of what Christmas and what Chanukah and what all of the other true spiritual holidays and Holy Days are really about? 


You are not in this alone.



Try this,  try truly celebrating naturally, in a noncommercial-type way and if you get near thinking commercial again, at least try the small shops and the little companies that are not attached with “black Friday” sales and other  “lose your holiday spirit rush sales” .   Just try that.

  • Go to a book store, enjoy the day and get people you know something great to read.
  • Choose to make some home -baked goods like cookies, and cakes and pies and whatever other kind of holiday-food-celebration you can think of.  Make chocolate lollipops.
  • Stick to gift certificates — specialized and they can spend their gift money after the holidays when the prices are marked down considerably.  Beat the stores at their own  ‘holiday’ games.
  • Give the gift of television tickets.    Yes, television show tickets are free.    Arrange ahead of time and get some tickets for your friends to their favorite television shows that are taped in your city.
  • Make a personalized cd or dvd filled with music or with photo memories or anything personalized.
  • Plants,  cut some plants from your backyard and place them in containers or in vases.
  • Write something wonderful!     For real, write a short story, a short novel, a bulletin  or a newsletter special for that person.
  • At the beginning of this year, join a class of craft-making and begin making next year’s gifts in class.   Yes, you can do it!
  • Make a personalized video for your gift recipient.

There are so many homemade and home-grown gift ideas that are so special and they are so totally against the huge-commerialism that most of the huge corporations want us to participate in.

Leave your own ideas here if your idea isn’t in this list.



and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Nature Parks ….

So, the first picture up there is the picture that I took when (one of my granddaughters and I)  went into the wildlife park to see the animals.    This is the first time that we ever went to a park like that.   What an interesting place!

The second picture there shows the beginning of  a bear fright. (fight)  .     The both bears seemed angry at each other and one seems to be trying to be the boss.  The one standing up soon — both ere standing up  .. and one is  going backwards as the bears are getting more angry.

SURPRISE!    The guy in charge of the huge gate at the end of the area decided to play it safe and lock the gate shut.   Gee, then all the cars remained stuck in there until the bears settled .

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It’s Still turkey time!


  Have you seen these turkeys in your neighborhood? 

Some enjoy seeing the turkeys around, while others like to watch them from a distance.    Please don’t pet the turkeys — they are wild animals.   You just never know what one turkey might do. 

Seems they like seeds but they don’t like citrus peels.     If you do not want to attract turkeys into your yard, there are safe, non-toxic ways to distract them from your yard.  

You can use rocks (instead of having a grass garden, choose a rock garden)

You can use citrus peels in your garden. Turkeys don’t seem to like citrus peels.  

Whichever your choice – be kind, be nice.      Drive slow .  Obey the speed limits.   

And use non-toxic repellents if you must use repellents.   There are lots of animals walking around out there. 




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Use Two of them, always …

  • Make two  ‘to do’ lists to be well-rounded.
  • Have a serious ‘to do’ (items that must get done) , chores or tasks.   And then make a fun, leisure or relaxation  ‘to do ‘ list.   And take them both just as seriously as you can take them.   

Remember that rest and relaxation is, sometimes, or most times, just as important as that ‘important’ to do list.     Most of the times when humans come to crashing (during the holidays or other times), it is because they haven’t taken or scheduled in some rest time or relaxation or fun time.   So remember this when you are planning your ordinary schedules or your holiday schedules.    Rest.  

Helpful Ideas & Pins

Just sometimes you need a photograph

Helpful Hints for 2019

  1.  Use photographs to help you remember  things.    If you have a  ‘to do’ list and you want to make sure that most of it, eventually, gets done, use a photograph, on or with your ‘ to do’ list, to help you remember  some very important things. 
  2.  Remember what’s most important – first.    Organize your ‘to do’ list in order of importance.   Even if you use ‘free writing’ to compose the list, go back to the list and then number things in order of importance.   And even better, circle the most important item on the list .  By doing these things, you might just get things done in order.  And that works! 

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Remember Hydrangeas.      This picture, pink strange Hydrangea is one of the plants that I pulled out of the backyard garden to transport into the front yard.    One day I realized that all of our pretty flowers were in the backyard and nobody else gets to see them back there.   The back yard fence is six to eight feet high and you can’t see the flowers over the fences.   So, I got this light bulb idea to move the flowers and the plants.  

Yes, I thought they might die if I move them, and then I thought,  “hey, I moved many times in my life and I’m still alive; I’m pretty sure the Hydrangeas can survive this move.  The plants had been in the back yard for at least twenty or more years.   Hey, plants grow and then they move on. 

This is one of the Hydrangeas and yes, the plants survived, all of them.  i moved out about three or four living, growing Hydrangea plants from the backyard to the front yard.   

(Do not try this at home, smiles).  There is a certain method you use that helps them survive.  And I followed the instructions and thank you, God, they all made the trip and are doing just fine today. 

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The Best thing…

just some words

And the best thing about the past and the present is also, that they come one day at a time.      If you are thinking about the past and having good feelings, that’s great.   If you are thinking about the past and having bad feelings, change that thought and think about something, somewhere else, someplace else.     If you need help with that change of thoughts, put some music on that makes you feel fabulous.  There you go.   

I’m here to wish you the very best of holidays to come, forever.   

Remember, take it all one day at a time and you’ll do great.    And in those times, that one day at a time is too big a time slice, simply take it one moment at a time.    

Here’s a moment for you, if you want to share a moment.