Home grown.   

No pesticides, no chemicals, and watered with a no-lead hose.   When I put these in the bowl, all of them were green.   Some are beginning to turn colors now.  

Friend gave this pretty bowl to me and I figured these tomatoes look great in there.    

What About Susan Collins?

SUSAN COLLINS, What about her?

I heard her “entire” speech (about 45 minutes?), and it was so on target! This woman deserves a raise. Here is another Senator who really works for her money. (Before this I’ve never heard of her at all because I don’t usually watch the news). She is courageous, intelligent, thoughtful, professional and she’s got all bases covered with what she spoke about in her speech. Now, that — her reactions, her speech and her vote for confirmation, that’s COURAGE, doing what’s right in the face of threats and danger. I’m so glad that she spoke up and spoke out. The women’s lib movement should take lessons from her, because in my book, the libbers have failed miserably when it comes to really helping women. All they do is shout, spit, raise their fists, and try to intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This woman is a true warrior for freedom, justice and truth for ALL people! This is the picture of courage, hands down, without a doubt!

I am probably one of the original ‘women’s libbers’ of long ago decades ago.   Yet, I see the destruction of the political movement that pretends to stand up for women and women’s rights.    The problem is this, they don’t stand up for all women.  They just stand up for women that they agree with.  And with the rest, they put them down, stomp on them and they make fun of them.  And usually, they are hating men.   That’s the problem with the women’s political movement that we see on television and that we see in some communities.

This failing women’s lib movement, the spitters, the stompers, the marchers, need to take lesson from this courageous and wonderfully-professional woman who spoke out at the hearings this past month.    Susan Collins, the true warrior for freedom, justice and truth, for everyone, for men, for women and for children.  She has shown by her speech and by where she stands this month, that she wants truth, and she wants that for everyone, not just for women who agree with her.

It’s only the American way, stand up for freedom, justice and truth — but for EVERYONE, not just for people that you happen to agree with.

Be kind; be nice; be gentle, be professional and be strong in your stance, standing on the side of truth, no matter what.   There you go, I’ve said it now take that and put it in your pipe and send smoke signals out to those who will listen.


Susan Collins rocks!

I approve this message!




The next time you go to have a tomato for lunch, save the seeds from it.   Take a flowerpot, with good drainage, fill it with soil and plant your seeds in the flower pot.   

 Care for your plants. 

You will have a colorful bunch of tomatoes. 

S Collins, Thank you!

S Collins, Thank you!

Thank you for standing up for freedom.  Thank you for standing up for the presumption of innocence.   Thank you for doing the job you are paid for.  Thank you for standing up for due process.  And most of all, thank you for standing up for fairness, honor and integrity.   

I listened to your entire speech and I agree 100 percent.    


How To ….


Well, a few days ago, I “lost” my  calendar that was supposed to be on the home screen of my cellular phone.  Tried to locate it, but that failed.

Easy way?

I searched on the net for a free calendar.  After that I took a screen shot of the calendar month that I needed and then “saved it” as wallpaper for my home screen on the phone.

That works for me.  There’s the calendar.  I love this because the calendar is clear and very readable.   So I might do this every month, adding month by month to the calendar.     Why every month?  If I photograph the whole year, then the days and the months will be too small.   With this size calendar, I can see this at night, and without using any reading glasses.  It makes a nice wall paper .