American Safari

I remember the day at the safari, so clearly. I was in super major pain but I was determined to enjoy the day with one of my granddaughters. We got there and it wasn’t too crowded. It was the drive in safari, so we were safely enclosed in the car while we were able to view the animals in their own wildlife safari areas. This was much better than taking a trip overseas, since our intention was a day trip, and then we would be off to go back home.

So here’s a picture or two. Will be back another time to finish this up.


Helpful Hints

What I love about certain apps is their collections of helpful hints, or as they say, “Life Hacks”.

Here’s some of the things that I’ve learned, some ideas, some helpful hints.

  1. If you are mailing away for something, an offer or product or magazine, put a code into your name . If that company sells or gives your information away, you’ll be able to know as soon as you get the junk mail from the company that you never ordered from. This is very helpful information. For example, you order a pair of shoes. You place the code, “JH” (for Jack’s Shoes, the name of the store) into your name area, as a middle name etc. Then if Jack’s Shoe store sells your name and address to Max’s Show Store, when you get the envelope addressed to you, the code, JH will be in the middle name of the envelope. So, as soon as you get the junk mail, you know that Jack’s Shoe store sold your info to Max’s Shoe Store. (These names are only examples, not real stores). Now you can telephone or email Jack’s Shoe store and let them know that you know! Got credit or coupons as an apology? Maybe

There are many other life hacks or helpful hints that you can find online. Happy hunting.

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PICTURE unrelated to post. This is just a feature picture that I took. I love taking picitures. Everything is copyrighted.

At the ‘kind of’ safari experience

There were many animals there, and before the end of the day was up, we did have quite an interesting experience (not shown in the photograph). The experience involved two bears that seemed to be upset with each other.
Were you there that day? What happened? Unbelievable right?

The experience happened in Jersey, USA. And if was quite a number of years ago. I was there with one of my grandchildren. We spent the whole day there. We weren’t able to go into the rides area but we did enjoy the entire safari park .

The words, here, the pictures there, probably not the most coherent . It’s late and I’m tired. Yes, I accomplished a lot today, so today was a good day. But then every day is a good day, right?

Keep on keeping on. Peace to all who read here.

March 2021

Sometimes you can see the coolest scenes from the little mirror

For me, driving is one of my ways to relax. I love driving. In fact, there are so many things that I love just because they are either ‘safe places’ or ‘safe processes’ or safe memories. The car was the visible vehicle that always brought me to safety when I was a child. There was only one time in my life that it brought me to a trauma, but I got past that. I learned that having wheels can be a huge thing when it comes to a disability.

You might not understand it but my car is kind of like a wheelchair, in a way. I get so many panic attacks in public transportation, (quiet ones), that the car makes a huge difference in my life. I get inside the car, shut the door and I immediately feel quite comfortable.

And sometimes I get the best pictures right from my comfortable seat.

Insert Picture?

So, after not having used this place in a long time, I’m testing the image feature.

There is supposed to be an image here, one of my photographs that I took quite a while ago.

Can you see the picture? If so, please describe it. What’s it mean to you? Thanks much.

Right Where It’s Supposed To Be

Seems I still need to get used to this! I’m more organized than I was in the past. And, lately, when I thought I misplaced things, the ‘things’ were exactly where they were supposed to be. Seems that I have gotten into the habit of putting things in their proper places, now that I’ve found space for them to be inside of the proper places.

Some of what I did was this:

  1. Color coded papers and files as much as I could do so.
  2. Bought a brand new wallet (months ago), that is in brilliant color and easy to sort out things into.
  3. Instituted new habits and rules for my life.

Doing these three things has enabled me to keep track of my keys, and my wallet and my necessary things that I need to use each day. If you haven’t done this already, try those three things up there. They work!

So, It’s Been a While…

Before Covid 19 tried to take over our city, I was writing here, as a hobby. The reason I share a lot of personal information online is because there was a stalker that was sharing fake stories, and some tidbits of real stories, with so many people, with people that I know and with complete strangers.

Here’s the way I figure it. If someone already is sharing lies about me, then why not just share the truth, the true story of how I lived, how I survived, almost unbearable circumstances? Here’s the thing. If someone is making up stories about you, just be you. That’s it. Just try and be you and just tell your real story, whether that is your childhood stories, or your stories about your adulthood or even if that’s your own spiritual testimony.

So, that’s what this writing here, is all about. I’m biding time here until I can finish publishing another book of mine. One of my favorites is the one that’s called, “HOW DARE SHE SAY THAT” . Yes it’s at the publisher and it’s available online to most of the whole United States of America. Check with the publisher to see where else it is available.

Another book of mine is called, THE JESUS CONNECTION art and writings , that’s a great book. Mind you, most of my published books are my first drafts. I wanted the information out there long before I leave this planet. I’m aiming for 115 years, but you know, God is in charge of that, not me So here I am again, finally back at the blog. I am hoping that the whole country is opening up again after that horrible plandemic hit most of the country.

Yes, I live in the epiccenter of the plandemic. But, hey, life happens and then you move on and smile, and enjoy each day as if it was the beginning of your wonderful new life. . Peace people .

Protected: To Be Continued at a later date copyrighted story

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Art, My Style..and My Father

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So,  I have all these photographs on flickr .  I put them there so I know where they are , smiles.  I can go to flickr and find a huge portion of my art.  I love taking nature scenes, animals, and candid shots.  The last thing that I want to take is a posed shot, well, unless it’s my kids or grandkids..   🙂 ..then posing is okay.  

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My Nana Antoinette ..

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Holidays? Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Ok

I know today, that some, targets are having a hard time because the bully is pressuring them to spend time with them (the bully) because it’s holiday time. 

So.  I post this as a reminder,  don’t let the bully win.  Don’t spend time with the bully, and don’t go anywhere with the bully . Just be with yourself or with your friends or other relatives, and be you.  Enjoy the holidays and enjoy the HolyDays.


Here are some videos for you as reminders.



Edited:  May 2020 .    I avoided a bully for six decades, over six decades, and finally, I can say that I am free.  The bully is still around, but the change is that I am free.   I know that this time,  I know that I no longer have to be around her.  I, no longer, have to put up with her, and I no longer have to be in contact with her.   I have learned and it’s finally gotten through to me, that you can forgive someone from a distance.  And you can stay that distance.  Keep the distance between you and a bully if you are being bullied. It doesn’t matter whom the bully is, forgive and then keep your distance.


Books for Targets or Victims of Bullies

I highly recommend this book for anyone that is being bullied.

The book is called DO YOU by author Ben Cohen 

And I suggest getting this book for every child, every teen and every adult.  This is that good.  And since we know that bullies are all over the place, here and there, in all cities and towns,  this is the book to get.
Instead of going bonkers looking for the perfect gift, give the gift of strength, give this book. Help someone get by today.  Help someone get past and get away from the bully.

And after you get this book, get the other one also.    A real helper to anyone being bullied is the book called,  FREE US FROM BULLYING by Paul T. Coughlin.  You have to order this from the company or from amazon, but it’s worth the wait.  You will be glad you got this one.  Thanks for reading.

May 2020.

Photographer/ Author


Some of the photographs that I’ve taken over the years, (above and below).


I guess, I have become quite spoiled.  Ever since I tasted fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes, regular tomatoes are not the same for me.    Garden tomatoes are the most!


So, the dime there is just to show you the size of my first lemon.   It came onto the plant as a green lemon and then in a while, it turned yellow.    Northern Exposure – the mug, is there just because I love that show.   Haven’t seen it in year, but is still a good memory since I have the mug.    And the last photo there is a photo that I took in my city, long before this corona thing came about.


2yearsAgoIgrewtomatoes More garden tomatoes.

Thank you friend!   ( I grew some of my own, but they do not compare the the ones that a friend gave to us).


The Chili Pepper Fiesta is the best!    I am hoping that this year all the festivals open up again.   These are some of the most wonderful events that you can go to.


ARTFROMPERRY photographs 2019-03-27 at 5.33.38 AM

Remember, if you are being bugged by a bully, remember that the bully is the worm and you don’t want the worm eating you up.  Focus on you, on your life.  Be kind. Help others.

Choose a creative hobby for yourself and spend time keeping busy with your hobby.  Don’t let the worms eat you.  And keep on keeping on.     Let the secret out.  You don’t have to name the bully, if you don’t want to. But tell someone that you are being bullied.  That’s the first step to getting free from the bully.



And, when the season comes around, this year or next year, go camping.  Reserve your spots, pack your gear, and be ready to go camping.  You can camp at the beach or in state parks, just check for permits and anything else required.



Have a great weekend!


A6 Television Production

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What Are The Most Important Things I Learned At  BCAT   (The Brooklyn Community Television Studio  and teaching studio)  

Since this was my very first experience in the control room of a television studio, you must know that even in that first year, I learned a lot .   And sometimes you can learn more ‘as’ you are doing rather than just ‘learning’ , as in book learning.   So this was totally hands-on learning and teaching experience.    And the teaching sometimes could come from myself, in that after I had been producing shows for a long time, there were always newcomers that were willing to volunteer and help the production.

So, some of what I learned at BCAT   :

  • Seriously, your sound is vital, most important.  Think about it.  If you turn a tv show on and there’s no sound or low sound or bad sound, you probably will turn the channel quite quickly.    So there they taught us about a process called , “zeroing out”.  Watching the board and making sure that the sound level was at a certain level.    So once you learn this, and it’s easy to learn, then no matter what anyone else , in the control room, says to you, make sure your sound is at that level.    There are some that might say, “oh no, you just need it to go up to here,” and they point .  And I’d look and say, “hmm, no,  they taught me that you have to zero out and the levels have to be at least to here,” and I’d point.    (more about this later)
  • Now, along with the sound, you must know your guest and know how they act  , in order to keep getting good sound.  For example, if you have a guest, male or female, that has long, over-the-shoulder hair, you probably don’t want to use a lavalier microphone on that guest.  More than once, we have seen guests, either play with their hair – causing unwanted sounds, or guests that turn their head and with that turn, the long hair brushes right up against the microphone -more unwanted sound.   So know your guests, observe, and use the right microphone for the guest.
  • Learn about microphones.  Sure, I’m older and I’m not techno-genius, but I know this much, there are microphones that pick up all the sound in the room, and there are microphones that pick up only what is right in front of the microphone and there are those that pick up to the side etc,  and on and on.   Each particular set up and each particular guest should have their own particular style of mic that will work for them.

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My Book List .. for today

I’ve Already Read These Books

I’ve read these already  .. but some of them I’d like to keep or get a paperback copy of . 

And, some of the books that I have read this year and last year are: 

The Holy Bible ,     I love this book!  And I have a few copies, paperback and hardcover.

Draw Your Weapons   (I forgot the author’s name – might be Sarah Sentilles ).  Though this is the type of book I generally don’t read, I got an amazing insight out of this one, one particular paragraph.  And so, this is a hardcover book that I am keeping.

Billionaire at the Barricades  (forgot the author’s name)

Back To One

Playing Ball on Running Water 

The United States of Trump  –  I think that O’Reilly wrote that , not sure .  I’ll look it up and post it some other time.

Susan Boyle   – This autobiography is wonderful!

How to Draw Birds  (forgot the author )     This book is at the library and it’s terrific.  I haven’t drawn any birds yet, but I have photographed many of them.  I’ll get around to drawing them .     I can see this one being a good reference book and eventually, I’ll get a copy for myself  -to keep.

Are These On Ebay Anywhere?    I am going to get paperback copies of these, eventually..

Free Us From Bullying  –  Paul T Coughlin     — This book is almost impossible to find anywhere and it’s so good!    If you want this book you have to order it at the bookstore or ask your librarians to get this book in your local library.  

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Personal But Public .. Smiles

This photograph, the feature photograph of this entry, is one of my favorite photographs.   I took this ‘shadow portrait’  back in the 90s.  In this photo, the mystery, the fear and the shadows of a single person that was being bullied over a period of decades. 

The woman, in this photograph, after living decades in that same city, discovered the Brooklyn Bridge.  The ‘discovery’ was a personal discovery.   Though she lived there for decades, she wasn’t ever aware, until that day, that it was ‘ok’ to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  She thought that bridges were for cars, trucks and busses.  She just had a kind of clear-cut idea of what the world was like and she kept that view for most of her years.

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Creative Non-Fiction, Kind-Hearted Critiques, Please . .

  1. ©2019lperry  All rights reserved including internet, International , and electronic recording rights.  No copies without permission from the artist/ author.
  2. I was so pushed into silence sometimes that words were not in my vocabulary.   Necessary words were always there but regular words, words needed to answer simple questions disappeared from my vocabulary.   I remembered learning more words from that show of the little girl that was actually a robot.    Out of my silence, I began to speak a little like a robot till I figured out it was okay to speak.  

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PDF On Chromebook?

Still, In Experimental Stages

This past year,  I started using a Chromebook since I had accidentally ruined my favorite computer, the Apple Air.    Big changes, big switch, huge difference in laptops, for sure. However, I am determined to make the best of it.

So, for the next few months or so, I am going to be doing some experiments with the laptop, to see if I can add any free programs or extensions or anything to this computer to make things easier, to save time and to save space.  You might be interested in this entry if you are using a Chromebook for the first time or for the first year.  Continue reading “PDF On Chromebook?”

Change The Way You Look At Food..

Admit  It  Most Of Us Look At Food and At Meals in The Same Way..

like this?

  • We see food as a social thing.   And in that thing , as a social thing, we can easily get offended if someone refuses our offer of food.   Get over that and get into the spirit of America.    In America, where we have the freedom to do almost anything, we sometimes are still obligated to keep on using the ‘old’ food rules, the food rules of being social.   Don’t you think it’s time that we take our freedom in our own hands and use it the way that it best suits us?   Do we or do we not have the freedom to accept food if we like it or if we enjoy it and also have the same freedom to reject food  and at the same time have it acknowledged that we are not rejecting the person , but merely rejecting the food.   After all, still, even if nobody agrees with this, food is a matter of personal choice.    If it really wasn’t , then are you willing to eat everything that Zim would put in front of you?


  •  (Zimm is the guy that goes around the world eating everything and I mean everything ) He has even eaten living bugs and living sea creatures.  Now, if he offered you snacks, would you really be obliged to eat those snacks even if you knew that they wouldn’t agree with you  ?  Sure.   You might.   Or if you are going to take your own food freedom in hand, you can easily smile and say, “No, that’s really not for me”.   And all the adults in the room should still come away smiling and not be offended at your refusal.

Anyways,  all I am asking is that people treat people the way that they want to be treated.    If you wouldn’t want someone forcing food on you then don’t force food on others.     And try not to take it personal if someone refuses your food, no matter how many times they refuse it.   This is not a personal thing, yet food is a personal thing.
As a person refuses the food, they are not reflecting on you.  It’s not about you.  It’s about the person.  It’s their mouth; it’s their stomach, and it’s their health.  See it that way and you will help make the world a better place for so many people. Continue reading “Change The Way You Look At Food..”

Our Father ..

On the wall in our home, there is a place for two of my favorite things… 

There’s this very beautiful, framed plaque with a totally cool calligraphy-style prayer on it.    Our Father .. that’s it.   This is one of my favorite prayers.   I love  it so much for many reasons.

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Every Year, There’s This Pinhole Camera Day, an International Event

So, in this particular workshop, we got to hear the history of the Alice Austen House on Staten Island, New York,  USA.   Very interesting history and an unexpected part of the workshop.    The workshop was part of the National Pinhole Camera Day, and every one that came there to the place that day was treated to materials they needed to build their own pinhole camera.

They handed out these black painted cans, and pieces to the camera,  And there we had a demonstration of how to build the pinhole camera. (It’s pretty easy to do , with proper instructions).

After that was finished, we went out to the grounds, the gardens that surround the house, and every one used their pinhole cameras to take pictures there.   (The picture in this entry is not one of the pinhole pictures.  Instead , the picture that I posted here is from a modern point and shoot camera that has a pinhole setting.  I took this picture during the middle of the workshop).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


All the pictures in this entry, of course, were taken with the modern camera, yes, the one that takes batteries.  Smiles.   However, I still like the photos.   And yes, I did make my own pinhole camera during the class that was held that day .

This is an annual event and it’s well worth looking into. 20180815_020145-1-1~2.jpg


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The Parrot Picnic !

So, okay, it’s a little early for the Parrot Picnic..but just in case you  haven’t heard about it, I’m going to tell the story.

I don’t have a parrot, but that year, I went to the Parrot Picnic , anyway.  And I was not disappointed.   There is an organization  of parrot owners that gets together at least once a year, in New York State.   Boy, they bring parrots.   Usually the get together is in the summer or during the warmer weather, so the birds can travel safely.


This bird was one of the larger parrots.  He was just too beautiful .   And blue , too.  Smiles.

If you are interested in seeing some beautiful birds, find that organization and find out when the next Parrot Picnic is being held.  It’s a little too late this year, but I’m sure you can put it on your calendar for next year or the year after that.


By the way, the Parrot Picnic is held outdoors, but usually there is a shelter kind of thing, just in case it rains.     Have a VERY Merry Christmas .  Peace.


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A Lifetime Of Memories * 9/11 forever

I lived less than 9 minutes away from the World Trade Center.

For me, the WTC Plaza and the bookstore there, were some of my safe spaces, safe places, in my own city.   They were places to retreat to, to see concerts in, to enjoy ‘the city’ without venturing too far into the city. MD,  Look at the pciash as per j.

I loved the Borders book store that was on the first level there.   You could go in there, after being in the plaza, and just read and read.  And you’d find the best books.  Yes, you could spend a few hours in there.   Thankfully, I was not in the bookstore there , that day.

You could sit at the tables, on benches there in the plaza, for lunch, either bring your own lunch or go to Krispy Creme on the ground level and get some of the best donuts.

You could just be there, and enjoy the peace, nobody bothering you.  Most of the people there in the plaza were just tourists or those that lived here, and or citizens; There were children , toddlers, teens and adults, and senior citizens from all countries, from all cities and states. It was a good mix; it was just part of America, right there, in the World Trade Center, a meeting place, a gathering place, a shopping place.   And there were restaurants,  and of course, underneath it all, ran the subway.

That dreaded subway on September 11th.     Yes, there were trains headed for there and trains almost right there.   And some of the fortunate people there – their trains hadn’t even entered the area yet.    There were busses in the underground tunnels.   As it happened, the moments it happened, and after the smoke was permeating the entire area both above ground and below ground, there were cars and busses in the tunnels that were underground, and as we say, underwater.

The city tunnel went across the ocean there  under the ground, deep , deep underground.  I can not even imagine what it was like to be there, stuck in those trains.  The only thing more horrible would be to be in the buildings, and watching the buildings collapse.

On that day, I knew that all the phone lines would be blocked.   They were needed for the emergency service workers and for the police, fire department and security to be able to get through on those telephone lines — at least the ones that were open, that had connections still.

Meanwhile, under the ground, in the tunnel, there was a few train cars –just stuck, just stopped.   They stopped cold in their tracks…and the people sitting on the trains just sat for hours — without even knowing why the trains stopped.   Most that were in the subway cars, had no phone connections down there.  But there was one or two, their phones still worked, and they were able to get the word.     The World Trade Center was hit.   The buildings were collapsing.   But this was hours later, when they were able to get that connection, on that train.

On the bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, after a long while , many thousands approached the bridge and tried to cross it on foot.   Thousands, walking, over the bridge.   All of a sudden, the bridge began to shake.  Ouch… what if this was another collapse.  What if this was a bomb, where do you run or do you run or do you just freeze?

The crush of people on the bridge that day was worse than the crush of people that were underground in the subway.   At least for a while, there was no panic underground.  You see, the people in NY are very familiar and very used to having the trains stop.  And they are used to not hearing any announcements, after all, even if you heard the announcements, you probably wouldn’t understand a word of it.  They talked so fast over those loud speakers.
So since the subway riders were so used to having the trains stall here and there, practically every month , if not more, they really didn’t panic at the beginning.  In the beginning, it was business as usual.   “Oh, another stall; another stalled train; what else is new”?

UNTIL, until one person with a phone cot the connection and was able to find out what was wrong.    And then, I don’t know, I guess that would have panicked some people.

The adults, the kids in the elevators of the buildings at World Trade Center, those kids and those adults remained calm and cool , as much as possible.   Eventually, everyone learned the easy way or the hard way what horrible thing happened that day, what horrible, horrible crimes were committed that day.

And everyone,    totally everyone,  kept those memories for years later, and now for decades later.    Nobody forgot 9/11 .   I have quite a number of stories for 9…

Nobody will ever forget 9/11.

9/11 was a crime, and that’s an understatement.

Peaace    Merry Christmas



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FLICKR and Photographs ..

Some ofMyflickr images artfromperry.png

This is the page that I am dedicating to some of my photographs that I have placed on my flickr sites.   Above and below,  walk through my walking tour of life through photography.

myFlickr artfromperry 2019

Some more photographs of life and everything in between

more photographs artfromperry

All photographs are copyrighted  and protected by copyright laws  in US and Internationally.     More below

Turkeysandcitybirds artfromperry

Some where else, you’ll still see my art

Myblog artfromperry .png

just a bit more below

more of my photos artfromperry

hmm, just found a few more  over there

abstractArt artfromperry

Aww..keep on viewing.. this is my introduction..     I like being able to share my photographs online because I don’t show many of them in person .  So this, for me , is a good connection.

What’s your art like?  How long have you been creating art?   Got links?

One more below

david6 am   Remember the guy that put himself inside a block of ice, in Manhattan ?  Sure, you can pretty much find everything in Manhattan,  NY   USA   I took this photograph around six in the morning, and there were already about fifty people lined up in Manhattan to see this guy.  Was he real. . Yes, he was and is real .

I am a Christian, a photographer, a photojournalist, an author , an artist,  and always a volunteer.    I’d like to sell some photographs in the future.   Which is your favorite photo?   I know which ones are mine.   Just wondering what your favorites are.

These are flowers from our garden, last year and the year before that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

this is the end of this entry, except, that i would love it if you would comment , question or add some helpful hints, ideas or opinions . Thanks much.




What I Learned This Week..



Some things  I discovered this past week and last week:

  • You can write in the Chromebook, but you must be signed into Chrome and you have to use either an extension, an app or Google Docs.
  • You can buy a laptop for two hundred dollars but there’s a catch; it’s a Chromebook.
  • You can lose weight by changing your habits, without even eating any ‘diet’ food.

I learned how to stop my body from feeling the devastating effects of arthritis – without using any medicine or prescriptions and without going to the doctors.

  • You can save lots of money by buying in bulk.   But you must know original prices to begin with.
  • You are not saving any money with 50 percent off sales  IF you don’t know what the original price is.  You need to know the numbers, “fifty-percent off of “WHAT” ?
  • I learned how to save my pictures or rather store them for free and keep them protected.

I learned how to almost eliminate asthma from my life, by using a food remedy rather than using any medicine or pharmaceuticals.

  • You can read books for free and even register to get free audio books online if you know the names of the websites or apps.   For example, you can go to the Gutenberg site and there are thousands of books there for free.

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Bring Back the Singers in Staten Island

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You Are Appreciated ..

©2019lperry  All rights reserved including internet, International, and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission.

(The copyright for the entire building photograph belongs to Joe -will put the website below there at the end of this entry).

Well , thank you!    I read your blog and saw all the tourist attractions, the photographs. Wow.  This is interesting for me in so many ways.

I’ve lived not far from that area and I’ve been back and forth to that very same humongous library thousands of times in the past.   And yes, I’ve taken pictures of the library also.   However, the interesting part of this is that

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Floating Through Time ..

©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet, International, and electronic recording rights.   No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author .

These  two featured photographs, above, are from two totally different places, unconnected experiences, yet, both worthy of remembering, in their own ways. 

In the balloon scene, I was experiencing being in a place that was just then shattered, in that time.   Tragedy had hit Newtown, Connecticut, when a criminal attacked innocent school children, teachers and other school workers at their school, the Sandy Hook School, in Newtown, Connecticut, USA.    Someone placed these balloons at the Memorial site in Newtown, Connecticut.   There were thousands of other items, crosses, toys, candles, words, poems, teddy bears, item after item, after momento, after momento, silently, reverently placed at the outdoor memorial at the square, not far from one of the churches there in Connecticut.   There were messages, prayers and thoughts from all over our entire world, there, in the USA.  I took many pictures that day that I visited there.   This picture of the balloons was just one of them.

The other photograph, unconnected with the other, is one of my favorite photos that I took at Hither Hills State Park,  NY,   USA.    Hither Hills is one of the most amazing places in our nation.   If you want to camp out there, you need to reserve at least nine months in advance if you want a space for your RV.   They have camping spaces, also  for tents.

You can find out more information about both of these places, Newtown, Connecticut, and Hither Hills State Park, by searching online.    Later on in the year, I will post some videos and more photographs on this page here.

Questions welcomed.

Are You Lost?

The Solution is Easy.   

©2019lperry  All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights.   No copies without prior written permission from author/artist.

Well, the holidays are here and they are still coming.   And if you are feeling lost or stressed, as it says up there in the title of this entry, the solution is really easy. 

And that’s easy for no matter whom you are or where you live or even how you live, still the holiday solution is still easy.   You just have to know what it is, acknowledge and admit what it is and there you go.  You are home free.  Want the solution -here it is ..

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HANDCRAFTED, A Book Clint Harp

Seriously, I was in the store and I wasn’t even looking for a book.   However, this one book really caught my attention and wouldn’t let go of it. 

HANDCRAFTED  by Clint Harp   It’s a Touchstone book

And on the back of the book there is  a quote from Jimmy Carter   He says,  “Clint, a fellow craftsman from Georgia, shows how to live life as an adventure.  From the floor of his first shop  to the foundations of Habitat for Humanity houses to building furniture for the world to see, Clint Harp is living a  handcrafted life.   President Jimmy Carter.

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The First Step …

DISCLAIMER:     I am not an electrician, nor a handyman.   Therefore, don’t do any of this at home without proper instruction, supervision or licensing.   This process involves only a couple of screwdrivers, and some safety information, however, you should have a  trained electrician or professional worker do the work for you if you are unqualified to do so .  Anything in this site, here or in my entire site, is merely for information and for entertainment purposes only.   Thank you for reading . And thank you for any comments you might want to leave.

Below is some good information and some good photographs and very cool videos on a serious home repairs topic.Continue reading “The First Step …”

This is good! Someone’s blog about Bots … Please read in full, The Plight Of The Twitter Bot

I read this entry about BOTs and scams .  This is excellent information and everyone should find time to read it.  Some of the things I knew but some of the information was new to me – artfromperry


via The Plight Of The Twitter Bot

This Is Monumental.. I’m IN This Picture

©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet , International and electronic recording rights.   No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author.

The Why Of It ..

The reason that this photograph is monumental might seem silly to you but, hey , it’s still the reason.     First, a little background ..

I’ve been really blessed to have spent so much time with my kids and with my grandkids.  We’ve had fun times, family times and we’ve had times when we went out and did some camping, some festivals, some ‘book’ trips – to the bookstores, and I’ve always enjoyed those times.  And also, I’ve loved taking pictures of everyone here and there. Continue reading “This Is Monumental.. I’m IN This Picture”

Could Homemade Soup Be The Answer?

Seriously, I am not joking.  Just from my own experience, as I enjoy homemade soup, more and more and as I notice that my breathing problems are no longer my breathing problems, I can’t help think, “Can homemade soup be the answer”?

Now, if I was to answer my own question, with facts, opinions and true stories, I’d have to say, “yes”!

Here’s why:

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88 Days To Any Goal by Author

   88 Days to Any Goal by Author  Dr. Rollan Roberts 

So, as I continue to read this very interesting and very helpful book, I come to this page that is set out for      WEEK TWO

And I’ll quote from the book, all the things that you might want to do for your second week of reaching your goals .


” Go a full week implementing your chosen behavioral and activity changes.

Review what’s working and what’s not at the end of the week and adjust as needed.

Develop a tangible or verbal action to do or say to yourself when you want to quit during the 88 Day Promise.

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Television Production A4

TELEVISION PRODUCTION   (Community Television Production)

(This is an article in a series of articles about community television production and related topics).

©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from author/artist.

Back To Basics    VIDEO BASICS

One of the best offline ways to learn about television production, regarding the video part of television production is to get this book about video basics.   The author is Zettl.

Note that this book is a very, old book ,but it’s the book that I like the best.  It has photographs, charts, illustrations, and complete basic details about taking and making videos.  This book goes from lighting to microphones to all kinds of cameras to interactive videos.  I love that there are illustrations and photographs of lighting set ups.  This is totally basic and very easy for almost anyone to understand and to learn from.

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Why So Many, Varied Topics?

There’s a reason why I talk about so many, varied topics, rather than sticking to one subject or topic.

If you look at the various topics that I write about the collection might seem to be totally  disorganized or confused in that there is no real pattern to the writing.

Though I don’t need to do so, I’ll explain that right here.

  • I use this blog with a few different purposes in mind.
  • I like to share helpful hints, information , good books and good websites with other readers, writers and authors.
  • And besides that, I am working on a project here, working on it to complete it , the series , the collection of articles about community television production.  So these entries are dispersed in between here and there.
  • And besides all that, during this season, especially, I like to share with the readers, bits of hope, bits of positivity, and tidbits of information that might bring some sunshine or some insight or some beauty to the front pages of life.     Smiles, I’m tired right now, so at this point, my writing might not be of the most organized professional sort.
  • There are times that I will quote from some of my favorite books, and some of my most useful books and other times I will recommend some books that should be reference books in every home or school.
  • And then, yes, then, for those in-between times, I tend to add a little creative non-fiction to my blog, sometimes some personal writings or a personal-type blog entry just because.   That’s right, smiles, just because.    I am a person, and therefore, I do and have added some personal bits of information here and there, such as entries about hobbies, about spirituality, and entries about gardens, things like that.

Now, though these articles are not related , directly , sometimes, they all come together quite nicely in my blog or at my writing site.

For this entry, I typed this in December 2019, and still , wishing you a very Merry Christmas peace  .

This is the end of this entry


Television Production A5

Is It The Equipment Or Producer Error Or Training Error? 

Here’s some advice that most corporations will not tell you.   Yet, since I’ve been producing television for over twenty years, I’m going to tell you this vital information.  It’s not quite technical, but yet at the same time it is technical.   Take patience and read this through the entire entry.    Almost always, if you take this information in, you might be able to improve your production or find out the solution to a problem you didn’t even know that you had. Continue reading “Television Production A5”

The Buffalo , continued

Well, not really continued but just a side note here.    In that entry that I wrote, called, “The Buffalo”, with the picture of an animal at top..   the entry is not finished, and

believe it or not, even though the first bits of it are about a screeching train ride, the story really gets to the buffalo, eventually.

Smiles.   I left the entry hanging there – without the buffalo – because I was very tired when I began writing the entry.    I’m still not at the point where I am  going to put the finished ending or the rest of the story online here yet.

However, thanks for reading.   I hope to finish the Buffalo entry before the end of the next two weeks.  THANKS for your patience and thanks for reading.

All comments welcomed.

This is the end of this entry


The Alchemist


“Well, maybe I just want to know the future so I can prepare myself for what’s coming.

“If good things are coming, they will be a pleasant surprise, ” Said the seer.  If bad things are,  and you know in advance, you will suffer greatly before they even occur”.

From the book:    THE ALCHEMIST   by Paulo Coelho

This is the end of this entry.


The Story of A Buffalo

The Buffalo?   The Story of A  Buffalo

©2019lperry  All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission of the author/artist.

So, many decades ago, the ‘adventure’ began at the sidewalk of Nostrand Avenue.   From there we took the train all the way to Manhattan,  NY , USA.   We would take that long, long, dreaded train ride.  The cars, at one point, were elevated so high up in the sky.  But for me, the shrimpboat kid, the hardest part of that train ride was the moments that it took that curve.  The taking of the curve seemed like it was a , like they called Superman , ‘a speeding bullet’.   You’d be sitting in the train , and it would be rolling along quite nice, and then all of a sudden,  ” SCRRREEEECHHHH”!   And the impossible screech continued as the train twisted around that impossible curve on the tracks.
Or, yikes, was it really on the tracks at all?
Did the screech mean that the train had, indeed, left the tracks?

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The Good Things    A4  

Series  on Community Television Production

©2019lperry , All rights reserved including Internet, International and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from author/artist.

Why I Ventured Into Community Television

There are so many reasons that I came to be producing television.   Some of the reasons more important than others.    When I mention my first reason for getting into TV , there are some that laugh and do not quite understand it.   Those that have had the freedom to speak – all their lives, do not understand when someone gets excited about finally having  a ‘voice’ of their own.

But truth is, the very first reason that I decided to produce television shows was to let my voice be heard.   I was used to being told to be quiet, shut up, ‘don’t say that’ , and things like that from one person.  And I lived with that, but I really wasn’t happy with that.

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Television Production A3

Studio Production    A3

©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights. No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author.

or subtitled,  “The Rough Side of Community Television Production”

After you have finished your courses and you have become certified as a community producer, you are able to reserve the studio for small blocks of time so that you can tape your shows inside the studio.    Ask  all your questions, regarding time slot , equipment etc, before you get started.   It helps if the corporation that you are volunteering at has an updated manual with instructions, rules, regulations and guidelines.    You can refer back to the manual and make sure everything in your production is in tip top shape.

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Producing Television Programs

An Introduction to Community Television Production, Some Ideas, Thoughts, and Some Information 

©2019lperry , All rights reserved including Internet, International and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from author/artist.

If you are thinking about producing community television, this article might help you in your choices and decisions.

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Warning Signs Of Those Who You Shouldn’t Tell About The Abuse In Your Past

SOMEONE Else’s entry. This entry is excellent. And if you have your doubts about trusting an individual, the answer might be right in this entry here. The entry was written in Severna Park , MD USA .. Spread the word . What is written in this entry is excellent. (It’s about trusting someone as it relates to narcissistic bullies). Merry Christmas. Peace. artfromperry

Cynthia Bailey-Rug

Finding the courage to set boundaries on being abused & even to end a toxic relationship isn’t easy.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage & strength to do such things.  One of the few things that is even more difficult is to tell other people your story.  Part of the reason for this is the victim blaming & shaming that is so common in society.

Many people simply don’t want to hear anything negative.  They are so obscenely positive it’s just ridiculous.  If something is less than positive, they don’t want to hear it, & will shut that person down quickly when they can.

Even more common is those who have been abused themselves, yet refuse to face their pain.  When they see someone facing their pain & conquering it, it makes them feel uncomfortable for two reasons.  First, it reminds them of what they are trying so hard…

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Still, I Take Photographs ..

lperry27Back in 90’s AND prior to 2007, I took these photographs

Above are three studio photographs (photographs that I took in the television studio before I had my injury decades ago).   And then there is one of my favorite collages that I created during a time or trauma and crisis.  (Lots of loss, and extenuating circumstances that was not due to anything coming from me).  Continue reading “Still, I Take Photographs ..”

First Years… Beginning TV Production

TV Production Article Series     A2

©2019 lperry

A little about “Field  Production”

Even though I used the studio for my television production, when I first began, I wanted more than that.   I had passed both courses – Studio and Field / Remote Production, but I didn’t have the time to be reserving the camera, and returning the camera.  There’s a process and it was, back then, very time consuming.   So, I had my own temporary solution to this problem.

Continue reading “First Years… Beginning TV Production”

Life Changing Books

This book had a tremendous affect on my own life. I read it at a time that I was hiding from a bully. By hiding, I mean, I had quit going to places where I used to go to – to avoid the bully. I was hiding even online, though I had many photographs online, most of those close to me had absolutely no idea just how many photographs I had taken. Most of them didn’t know where my photo were online.

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Typing Experiment with ZOHO

Well, thanks so much for that information about chromebook and about the new word processing program that is free online.

Here is the document after you ’embed’ it in to your page . Below is the sample

I have a link here to a sample document that I typed up.  I’m still not sure how this works.
If anyone uses ZOHO, please leave a note with any helpful information . Thanks.

Below is the document link? 


Where are you , smiles?

So I wrote an entry asking where people are from but nobody answered.   Are you guys in hiding, on the run, shy?   Or are you a wordpress employee that is paid to sit there and read an entry and press LIKE?  

Or even worse, are you an employee and you aren’t reading and then pressing LIKE ?

I know that I have at least one or two friends here online  . And I know I have some people that read .  And some comment but very rarely .

So where do you stand?    Are you reading here?  Just passing through here?  Looking for a particular topic?

Got ideas?   Silly me. I’m actually getting bored of blogging .   Smiles.  It seems , to me, at least here at this particular blog that it’s a one way thing.  I write.

And that’s it.   And there’s one response or two.   But, I know that there are way more than one or two people out there.

So what’s the deal with my failure at writing here.   Smiles.  Yes, I know it’s not a failure if I get something out of it myself.  But I’m  kind of old fashioned, thinking if I am writing, yes, I’d like to know that many people are reading  and it would be nice to hear your input also.

If you read this far, can you let me know how I can get more readers to this blog — besides ,  buying advertisers or trying to bring money into this blog.     For now, for the most part, I didn’t begin this blog to make money .   Sure I’d love to start but if I have only one person or two people reading here,  I have to know that’s not a blog that would earn any money anywhere, anytime.

Laughing now, at this point, perhaps you are saying who would want to read an old grandmother’s blog?  Well, dang, if that’s the problem, send me a signal somehow, and I’ll fix that and put my ‘young at heart’ hat on .

This is the end of this entry.

A Horse of a Different Color.

For the most part, I write about horses in a very different way than most do.       Since I do not own a horse, I write from the perspective of just a rider, just someone that has had some interesting, some great, or some mediocre tales of riding and everything in between.

And my interest in horses, in riding, in photographing horses goes back six decades.

I was just an invisible child when my wonderful grandmother put me on my first horse.  I was about four or five, and my grandmother said, “Yes! You can ride the horse”.   That day, I got to ride the mechanical horse that was parked in front of the store on Flatbush Avenue.

When I was with my grandmother, I always felt  loved, safe, comfortable.  As a child, with my grandmother, I knew that I was where I was supposed to be.    And I loved every moment of it.

And it is to my grandmother’s credit that I love horses, and riding, and anything related to horses.  And all from that first ride on that mechanical horse in front of the store on Flatbush.      Smiles, I guess it was transference,  I felt safe, and I was on a horse.  I felt strong, and I knew that my grandmother was strong.   So for me, being around horses, and riding horses, reading about horses etc.. all just makes me feel safe, like I’m in the right place.

Horses are strong, and noble, and they have such great hearts .  And horses, unknown to most people are animals of tenderness, and integrity.   If you don’t get that, you just haven’t been around horses enough in your life.  They are simply beautiful, and they are some of the most gentle animals you can find.  Imagine that, being gentle , and yet strong and bold at the same time?  Yes, that does sound like   a horse.    And I’m going to post one of my favorite videos that I found online here and then in another entry, I will post another.   Here’s one.

  This is the end of this entry









Gabriel Taye, Innocent Child , Another News Story Written ..

My Heart Goes Out To All The School Children That Are In This Today..

Yesterday, I read another true account of a school child that was being bullied in school.  And the bullying was persistent and kind of steady.   However, this story was different in that the school authorities claimed that the bullies were ‘different’ – so they didn’t see it as bullying .    Seems that if the people that beat this kid up were the ‘same’ kids then the school would have seen this as bullying.  (Oh, in this story, in the news story, the reason the bullying made the news is because the child committed suicide – due to the bullying.

Continue reading “Gabriel Taye, Innocent Child , Another News Story Written ..”

The Word Trump

This is an     OPINION    piece.. 

(and the pictures in this entry have nothing to do with the typing in this entry).    (From time to time, I add my photography to entries just to add a picture).

The more you try to get people to hate Trump, the more people like him.

You see they are watching a large part of the nation go against the President of the United States of America.   And they are watching people name-call, and and make fun of the President.

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Two Bowls of Homemade … (read more)

People that know me would never imagine that this is, a true story.   Nothing big, nothing huge, probably nothing out of the ordinary for most people, but for me, hmm,  “she did that”?

Today, I made a small pot of homemade “tomato, rice, broccoli” soup.     And it was perfect.   And the unusual part for me, I did this little stunt without a recipe, and without even planning it.

I put the pasta in the pot and started to cook it.  And halfway through I realized that I could make a soup by just adding tomato paste to the water near the end of the cooking.  And yes, instead of just emptying the water, the filtered water that I used to cook the soup became part of the soup.   Just four ingredients, and a small covered pot, and one beautiful result of homemade soup –without the spices.   That’s right.  I love food without the fancy spices.  So the pure tomato paste, organic with no artificial additives made a great base for the homemade soup.

The only thing that would have made this perfect was some shavings from the Unexpected Cheddar cheese, but I ran out of that last week.

It was delicious!  And it was so perfect for today’s cold day.

What is your favorite soup and how do you make it?

This is the end of this entry.    Leave a note.\



THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO This is a REBLOG of an interesting entry Network| 2019- Save Money On HVAC Repair — Do It Yourself HVAC Repair 

Laugh Out Loud w/ me! So , It’s frowned upon by the industry and I love it! The DIY Network doesn’t have people trying to really help you guys learn about heating and cooling. And sometimes when they do it is either too dry , or too hard to understand. Let’s keep in simple , […]

via DIY Network| 2019- Save Money On HVAC Repair — Do It Yourself HVAC Repair 

This Little Seedling

It  Is  A  Mango  Seed   Pod 

  Months ago, I  purchased one of those yellow mangos .  I ate the mango, and saved the seed pod.    Seems you have to actually crack the pod open before you plant the seed .

I’ve tried this before  — but I didn’t know that you had to crack the pod open.    So this time, I opened it up, left it slightly intact.   And then put it in a plastic ziplock bag with a little paper towel and a little water, very little water.  I placed the whole thing on top of the refrigerator –  not far from the window.

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From You Tube, This Is A Must See ..

The main part of this video is a guy, a reporter speaking on an important topic.  There is a very short clip where Greta speaks for a few minutes but the MAIN part of the video is this reporter that is speaking.

This is a video of a   REPORTER speaking.

I have this one question as I watched this one .  And the question is this

Is  Greta  Addressing Her Own Parents  When She Speaks?   

(a legitimate question)

I’d like to hear your ideas   (please be nice and do not make fun of Greta, no put downs, no name-calling).    Your opinions, ideas on exactly what is happening in this video.

This   Is  The  End  Of  This  Entry





By Paul Homewood

Andrew Bolt is not afraid to tell the truth about our Greta. It is a pity that the media here have not got the courage to do the same:


Meanwhile more information is beginning to emerge about the Greta phenomenon. From Big League Politics:


16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has quickly risen to become one of the world’s most prominent political leaders, inspiring a mass movement of millions seemingly out of thin air to combat the problem of global warming.

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So, A Co-Worker and I Stayed At A Dude Ranch

One Full Week At  A  Dude Ranch ..

©2019lperry All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights .    artfromperry

When I was younger, and when I was riding horses more than I do now (I don’t ride right now, at all), I did ride and I had my share of injuries … (from the Dude Ranch).

Seems that I took the advertisement quite literally, and the advertisement said, “UNLIMITED RIDING”, and that, indeed, was what I was looking for.   I was a city girl (in my 20’s at the time, and I loved the idea that I could go to a place, even if just for one week, that permitted me , “unlimited riding”.Continue reading “So, A Co-Worker and I Stayed At A Dude Ranch”

The Library

One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Our World Is In Our Libraries!

©2019lperry  artfromperry   All rights reserved including internet rights , International rights and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from the author / artist.

Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune, God has blessed me with the opportunity to be in and to visit magnificent libraries.    We have a large city, and there are tons of places that have a huge, overflowing collection of books, music, and all sorts of other resources.

Our libraries are magnificently overflowing with knowledge, fun, resources, art, photography, legal information; you name it and our libraries have it.   This is one of the things that I love about New York,  USA.

theshadows artfromperry.jpg

From Upstate NY, to other parts of the state, throughout Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Manhattan, our book collection is uncountable.    And besides the book collections, our libraries offer the opportunity to learn , to laugh, and to take courses that are not available anywhere else in the world.  Continue reading “The Library”

N E W S B R E A K E R ….

There are ways to fight Alzheimers,  forgetfulness,  and brain injuries   that are more holistic than the average treatment. 

NOTE:   I”m not saying, don’t go to the doctor nor am I saying don’t get treated.  I’m saying there’s a thing or a way that really helps these problems (the memory problems) and the ways don’t usually have any bad side effects.

DISCLAIMER:   Look if you have medical problems seek a doctor and if you have emotional problems , seek a professional.

And along with that, add practical tools and aids that help you to heal on a daily basis.

Continue reading “N E W S B R E A K E R ….”

The Best Writing Conference in NYC, USA

Should I Say That I Loved This One? 

Though it was decades ago, I remember this forever.    I had the one writing (well, writing-related) experience in New York City,  USA.    It was during a time that I could not afford to attend this conference, workshop but I knew in my heart that I must go.  So I did this compromise thing, and that worked for me.

The conference was so expensive and I didn’t have the money for it.  The whole thing was probably over three or four hundred dollars at the time.    But I kept on thinking about this and that made me wonder, “Am I just meant to be there”?   And so, smiles, my answer to myself was, “yes indeed”  , but how can I afford this?   Compromise.  It is surprising how sometimes a compromise can be a really great thing to experience.

Balloons 8 (2)

So my compromise was this, though I didn’t have the money to go to the conference, I would manage to scrape up the money to attend at least one day of the conference.   I would miss most of it but I would celebrate the one day that I was able to  go to.

Oh, the name of the conference was   ASJA  .   That is American Society of Journalist and Authors Writers Conference.

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The Smile

I    Love   This   Kid’s    Smile..

Yes, of course he’s not a little kid anymore, but still,  I love this kid’s smile.        I have three kids (adults) and three grandkids.   Smiles.  And every one of them is really tired of me taking pictures .  Smiles.


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How To Write a Better Blog

This is a  great entry from CINDY …    I did that  “reblog” thing and the entry should be right here.    (Patience, I’m new at this reblogging thing).

Excellent! Peace. 🙂 artfromperry

Real Christian Women

Set Goals!

If you are satisfied with your writing style the way it is, that’s ok! But if you want to keep growing as a writer you must set goals. I want to be a better blogger, so I need to be a better writer. I have 7 writing goals that I believe will make anyone a better writer/ blogger.

1. Keep a lazer focus.

Ask yourself, “In one sentence, what is my message?”. For example, your message might be: “Effectual prayer”, or “Do not fear”, “We need God’s grace”, “Love one another”, “Don’t complain, Be thankful”, etc. There are millions of good ideas to write about. Once you identify your message, make sure you stay focused on that message. Don’t get side-tracked. Everything you write should contribute to your message. Don’t ramble.

2. Make your blog inspire and apply to real life.

Readers want to be inspired and they…

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My Own Healing … Information For Myself

Read the Bible; Good Information


There are so many ways to heal a spirit, a human being,  some more effective than others.    Nobody can tell anyone else what to do, however,  there are ideas, helpful hints, suggestions,  creative ways to adjust one’s moments or days to something more beautiful .  

These are some ways, some ways to begin healing, to begin climbing out of the past ditch and to begin bringing yourself into your most   beautiful, creative and positive present moment.    Your suggestions and ideas can only add to this entry and so, look for the place to post a comment or two. 

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How Many Horses Today?

©2019lperry  artfromperry 

As I  Begin This, I’m Not Sure of My Topic.

So, I’ll begin with a photograph that I took, below ..

MYartphotos artfromperry.jpeg 2018-11-30 at 6.15.22 AM

This Is The Story Of The 

“Two-Horse Day”

For my own purposes, I’ve always viewed horses as strength, and as gentleness at the same time.    I’ve connected horses with power, and elegance.   And I’ve loved horses, real and fake, figurines and toys, mostly any kind of horses.

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Photojournalism Slideshow


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The photos include day trip to Pennsylvania,  to Philadelphia to see the “bell”, and other trips,  to the NYC Marathon, to  the studio, and to the forest.   Some of the photographs (the originals)  have been published elsewhere (in the 90s) and some were on exhibit throughout New York State, including in Nanuet, NY,  Grand Army Plaza and some other places.     My photography has been published in a few newspapers, one International magazine, and has been on display in over 55  (solo) exhibits in New York, and in five group exhibits in New York, USA  .

Other places, Kutztown, Lancaster, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Valley Stream, Prospect Park,  New Jersey, and Manhattan pictured in the slideshow above.  Many of the pictures with words are collage pictures, all made from recycled materials (from the 90s through 2016)


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